* Nikitha Hospital is a 60 bed hospital located in the "beautiful hillside locality--Seethammadhara",  in Visakhapatnam.
* We provides healthcare services exclusively in:Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General & Laparoscopic surgery, and Obesity surgery.
* We also provide oncall services in Orthopaedic surgery, Urology, Plastic surgery and General medicine.

* Location: It is situated just beside the main road, at Seethammadhara junction:
   --about 20 metres before Seetharama Raju statue and
   --about 200 metres from EENADU office (Telugu paper main office) towards the hill. 
      It is on the same side of  the road as that of EENADU.
--Situated, just beside the hospital, is State Bank Of India (SBI)- Seethammadhara branch.

* Lab facilities: The hospital has facilities for Biochemistry, Haematology, X-ray, ECG, Gynaecology ultrasound scan

* Obstetrics & Gynaecology:
--Complete Obstetrics & Gynaecological care.
--Well equipped Labour room with facilities for foetal monitoring, mobile ultrasound scanning.

*Laparoscopy in Gynaecology:
--Tubectomy (Family planning operation)
--Evaluation of Infertility: Diagnostic laparoscopy.
--Chromotubation test for Infertility(Methylene blude dye test for tubal patency).
--PCOD ( Polycystic Ovarian Cyst Disease) Drilling.
--Salpingectomy or Salpingotomy for Ectopic Pregnancy
--Management of Endometriosis.
--OvarianCysts( Twisted ovarian cyst; Chocolate Cyst, Dermoid cyst).

*Laparoscopy in General surgery:
--Weight loss surgeries: Gastric sleeve, Gastric banding, Gastric bypass
--Cholecystectomy (Lap chole) for gall bladder stones, gall bladder infection..
--Adhesiolysis (Release of Adhesions, Bands)
--Diagnostic laparoscopy ( Key hole )for : Abdominal Pain (Acute /Chronic), Abdominal trauma, Liver Diseases, Malignancy.
--Closure of  Bowel Perforation (  Duodenal / Typhoid ulcers)
--Management of  Abdominal Cysts: Liver Cyst, Spleen Cyst, Chylolymphatic Cyst, Pseudocyst cyst, Ovarian Cyst,
--Sub Acute Instestine Obstruction (SAIO): due to  Post-op Adhesions (Congenital / Inflammmatory Bands), and  Strictures(Tuberculous / Malignant )
--Repair of Ventral Hernia.
--Undiscended testis
--Varicocele surgery.
--Nissen's Fundoplication.
*General surgical problems:
--Haemorrhoids (Piles)
--Pain abdomen: Appendicitis, Cholecystits, Gastritis, etc
--Bowel obstruction problems.
--Emergency general surgical problems: Acute pain abdomen, Abscess, Gangrene etc.
--Gastro-intestinal surgeries.

*Weight-loss surgery (Bariatric surgery)
--Gastric sleeve.
--Gastric banding
--Gastric bypass

*VASER Liposuction for body shaping
VASER Lipo is most commonly used for:
--Six packs abs.
--Tummy (Abdomen)
--Side loin tyres (Love handles)
--Sides of thighs (saddle bags)
--Male breast (gynaecomazia)

Other sites where VASER Lipo is used:
--Face and Chin

--Stones in Kidney, Ureter, Bladder
--Strictures, UVF, VVF
--Stress urinary incontinence

*Orthopaedic(On call)
--Trauma: Long bone fractures

Nikitha Hospital
54-13-6, Seethammadhara Jn. Visakhapatnam Pin-530013, India. Ph: 0891-2501501, 2719797, 2719696
Email: info@nikithahospital.com www.nikithahospital.com  www.obesityhospitalindia.com

--- Nikitha Hospital, Visakhapatnam -- A  Rajiv Aarogyasri Network Hospital---

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